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Lorraine Ireland Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist & Counsellor at Mind & Health Matters

Lorraine Ireland of Mind & Health Matters provides

  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • CounsellingStress Management
  • Emotional Freedom Therapy / NLP 
  • Self Hypnosis MP3s / Relaxation MP3s

Please feel free to browse this site as you take that first step to gaining Control of your life and become the best YOU that you can be. It is my belief that every person is “Unique” and has the right to make choices about their life that reflect their true needs and values.

At Mind & Health Matters I work with people who are ready to make positive long lasting lifestyle changes. Therapy is tailor made to suit the needs and requirements of the individual, treating a whole range of issues/conditions.
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My work is recognised by BUPA and local GPs who regularly refer patients.

I have produced a range of Self Help Hypnosis MP3s / Relaxation CDs which have received Amazing Reviews and sell through all well known bookshops and websites e.g. Waterstones Bookshops, Amazon, Pickabook, & Gardners Books (Britains Leading Wholesaler)

I know you can make the changes that you desire and so deserve Enjoy Your Journey of Self Development and Self Discovery.
Believe and You Will Achieve.

Mind & Body Connections
Our minds and our bodies are very interconnected. Although we are not aware of it, our body and emotions are responding to all the words, thoughts and images we hold in our mind. The more negative or stressed a person is, the more they become susceptible to physical ailment. The body is the servant of the mind. Negative thoughts have the ability to make the body sink and affect the nervous system. Anxiety can quickly demoralize the whole body. Strong pure and happy thoughts build up the body in vigour and grace. If you wish to perfect your body guard your mind. Your body is constantly reacting to the very thoughts you are thinking.
When self exploration takes place either through Hypnotherapy and other methods of self-awareness, you can learn to harness this mind power and bring the body and emotions into alignment with your goals.
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Please telephone Lorraine Ireland on 01384 – 878264